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Roof Repairs & Re-roofs


Has your metal roofing been damaged by water, fire, or rust? Or has your metal roof aged poorly with time? We know that dealing with the damage on your metal roof
can be tough, but you’ll be glad to know that our metal roof restoration and repair services can help get you out of a sticky situation. We can take off old roofs and replace with the latest metal products out there to fit the Courtenay, BC area's climate needs.

On top of addressing any leaks that may be caused by weather damage, we can re-do flashings around chimneys, windows, and doors. In any unfortunate situation that could affect the metal roofing of your building, you’ll know that we’ll be able to get your property back on its feet with the first step of a proper repair efforts. If the metal roof is still structurally sound and can bear weight, we can repair the damaged areas by possibly installing new metal panels, skylights, or patching leaks in the roof. We aim to restore your metal roof before jumping to an expensive new roof installation and replacement.

We provide emergency roofing services if you need roof repairs ASAP. If you’re looking for metal roof restoration and reroofing services in the Courtenay, BC area, give Enviro Tech Metal Roofing a call. We’ll be there in your time of need.